Proof of MIRO. Historical Data Simulations.

Graphic for 2017.

Having trained Mirocana System on the data from 2014 to 2016, we decided to make an experiment. What will happen if we take one BTC and follow all the predictions of the Mirocana System throughout the year 2017? Then Mirocana was run away by all of the allocations and we’ve got this graphic as a result.

This graphic proves that if Mirocana System existed and was integrated with your Poloniex account in 2017 it would make 285% profit in BTC.

*Throughout the year the system made trades several times a day.

** For simplification, we didn't count any commissions and possible profit by making HFT decisions.

Historical data simulation

Let’s explain how does this experiment work.

The Mirocana Core can build allocations by understanding and analysing a market situation for each moment in time. Each allocation can be represented as a weighted portfolio of coins, the sum of all weights is equal to 1. You can learn more about how allocation are built in our technical press-release.

We played with different parameters, sets of strategies, simulations logic, risks to discover the best way of market prediction. In simple terms, we are using AI technologies for finding the most important signals and similar patterns in market dynamics.

The simulation is the common pattern used for building a serie of allocations. The graph above is built on a middle-risky simulation with wide window of learning and medium value of activation threshold.

Turning back to our product, we are going to introduce wide personal settings. These settings will include your preferred frequency of trading, risk management and other useful aspects. We will enable for you the best simulation from the Mirocana Core which fits to your personal experience perfectly.