This section contains answers to the questions we receive the most. If you did not find your question in this sections, please, address your question to [email protected] or to Mirocana Telegram Group.


What is Mirocana?

Mirocana is a multi-layer predicting system for stock, currency and crypto-currency markets that use deep-learning neural nets and other machine learning models to analyze all kinds of financial data: the activity of other traders and funds, fundamentals, news and articles, chart patterns, price levels, correlations, technical indicators and other factors. We created three products that use predictions of the system.

Why is it more beneficial than a service from an average trader or a fund?

Mirocana analyzes activity of thousands of professional traders and is able to achieve a cumulative effect. Its final predictions are based on the opinion of many traders. Systems learn strong and weak sides of each trader to properly calculate the level of trader’s importance in consensus prediction. And the activity of other traders is just one of many factors on which system base its predictions.

How is Mirocana different than a bank savings account?

The most important thing about our products is that we do not take your funds to our accounts. You deposit your funds to your broker or exchange account. It means this broker or exchange is responsible for securing your funds and checking your identity. You, in you Mirocana account, provide us your access key to connect our system to your account and let users manage your funds (this access key does not give us the rights to withdraw or transfer your funds). And you will be able to select target annual return from 5% to 100% that you want our system to achieve, and the system will show what risks are associated with that level of return. As we manage your funds, you will be able to track your progress in you Mirocana account and in weekly performance reports.

Is it accessible for anyone?

products are accessible for the token-holders who have enough tokens on their balance. To access our product for Currency Market you need to have 10,000 MIRO tokens on your balance. To get access to our product for Crypto-Currency Market you will need to have at least 5,000 MIRO tokens on your balance. Requirements for our product for Stock MArket described on this page.

How secure is the personal data with Mirocana?

Security of your funds is the responsibility of your broker or exchange. We integrated our system to most reliable market players: Interactive Brokers, OANDA, and Poloniex. In future, we will add more integration and you, as a customer, will be able to choose broker or exchange you want. We encrypt access keys of our customers when we receive them. If third parties would gain access to our database and find a way to decrypt your access key, the worst thing they will be able to do is to open or close some positions (they will not be able to generate a substantial loss in the short time or transfer your funds somewhere). In case of this accident, we will make several attempts to contact all of our clients to ask them to revoke the access keys and reissue new keys when we fix the problem.

Is there a referral program?

We do not run a referral program.

Does it operate globally?

Yes, we operate globally. But some brokers or exchanges, that we have connection to, may have restrictions regarding opening an account for your country.

Who are your competitors?

Our competitors are other alternative ways of investments. Since we have the products with all levels of risks, our products compete with mutual funds, hedge-funds, individual traders, real estate, pension funds and others.

How can I open an account?

To open your Mirocana account please sign up on this page.

What brokers can I work with?

Currently, we support an integration with Interactive Brokers, OANDA, and Poloniex. In future, we will be adding new brokers and crypto-exchanges. To see the requirements to get access to our products, please visit this page.

What happens when I deposit money with Mirocana?

You do not deposit your funds to our account. You deposit your money to your broker or exchange account and connect our system to let it manage your funds in the most efficient way it is possible to provide.

How can I track the activity and my account information?

You will be able to track your account progress in your broker or exchange account, also we develop a beautiful and intuitive dashboard for your Mirocana Account.

Can I share an account with the members of my family?

You Mirocana account can be used to connect the system to only one broker or crypto-exchange at a time per product.

What financial instruments are available for trading in Mirocana?

It’s depends on Product you have access to. You can find our more information about financial instruments that we predict on the dedicated page of the product: Stock Market, Currency Market, Crypto-Currency Market.

What crypto-currency pairs can I trade?

We predict all 90 crypto-currency pairs that are listed on Poloniex exchange.

Can I use Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication will be available in November 2017.

I need help. Who can I talk to?

Please address your questions to [email protected] or use our public chat on Telegram to contact our people.

Why do you call your system an Artificial Intelligence?

Our system has very complex decision-making process. We, ourselves do not always understand why it does what it does. It may sound very dangerous, but we spend a lot of time making the system more transparent, so we can better understand the logic behind its actions.

How is AI capable of self-learning?

The system base its predictions on many strategies and the weights among all strategies are not static. These weights between strategies change as markets changes, so our system is able to adjust to new market behavior. Also, the system generates new strategies by itself and improve its accuracy by itself.

What is a Neural Net?

Neural Net is a machine learning model that is commonly used for solving predicting problems. You can build your own neural net and solve simple classification or regression problem to better understand the concept of neural nets and learn more information on how we use neural nets in the Mirocana system.

Is Mirocana controlled in any way by a human?

Our system is fully automated, however, we have human traders who monitor the operation of the system. Moreover, we have a monitoring unit that is able to stop all the activity and turn money into cash in case of emergency or an accident, like a crisis, market-crash, company bankruptcy. This monitoring unit is a dedicated piece of software and is not in any way connected to the main system.

How do you predict the markets?

Our system is designed to take into account all the information that may correlate with the price of assets we predict. We designed a modular system and constatly add new data sources, strategies and simulations to improve the accuracy. Learn more information on our technology on this page.

What is Mirocana’s strategy?

Mirocana is build to find most profitable opportunities in the markets. To simplify, the system calculates predictions for long, medium and short terms and place an order to invest if the predictions for all three time-frames are agreed upon.

How do you add new strategies in the system?

Some strategies are autogenerated by the system, but these strategies are rarely able to find significant patterns in data. The best strategies we have were written by the member of our Core Team and the members of Mirocana Research Group. In future, we will release Mirocana Alpha product and any interested quant or algo-trader will be able to add his/her own strategy and get paid.

How do you add new strategies in the system?

Some strategies are autogenerated by the system, but these strategies are rarely able to find significant patterns in data. The best strategies we have were written by the member of our Core Team and the members of Mirocana Research Group. In future, we will release Mirocana Alpha product and any interested quant or algo-trader will be able to add his/her own strategy and get paid.

How do you test the strategies?

We have developed our own syntax for writing new strategies and created our own backtest application where the strategy is tested on the historic data. This application will be the part of our Mirocana Alpha product.

What does the accuracy of predictions depend on?

An accuracy of predictions highly depends on quality and quantity of strategies in the system, legitimacy, and consistency of data sources and on quality of simulations that result in investing activity.

What is a simulation and why is it important?

Simulation is an algorithm that is responsible for calculating a cumulative prediction based on the predictions from all the strategies in our system. We have multiple simulations with a different logic of weights distribution.

How can a strategy get a near-zero or negative weight?

If during a simulation, the strategy does not show any correlations or patterns in data it will be eventually given a near-zero weight, so this strategy will not make an impact on cumulative prediction. If a strategy constantly shows negative results, it will be given a negative weight, and simulation will buy every time strategy indicates a sell and vice versa.

What sources of data does Mirocana use?

We use all kinds of financial data that we think may correlate with assets prices. We collect: quotes data, market data, news and articles, the trading activity of other traders, analyst and hedge-fund managers, fundamental and macroeconomic data, even the data about Google searches. You find out more information on data sources we use on this page.

How does the system understand the news?

We have our own models of understanding the sentiment level of news and articles. Also, from some data vendors, we receive prepared data about the news: data on how their experts think this news may affect the company or the market.

How much news can it analyze per day?

System process about 2000 news and articles per day.

Is there a chance that a software bug that can result in critical capital losses?

The system is unable to generate significant capital losses in a short period of time. The critical loss may happen only after a long series of losses. We understand that concern and developed a system that diversifies the portfolio in many uncorrelated assets.

What is the general fee structure?

We only charge a fixed fee in tokens, depends on a selected user plan.

If the price of MIRO will be very high, will it affect the fee?

It will not. The amount of fee is the 25% of the increased dollar value of your portfolio. Then this fee is calculated in MIRO tokens according to the current Exchange price of MIRO/USDT. That means that if the price will get higher over time the absolute value of the fee will get lower.

If the dollar value of my portfolio decreased during a month?

If the dollar value of my portfolio decreased during a month? In that case, we will compensate you the loss. The amount of compensation is the same: 25% of decreased dollar value in MIRO tokens according to a current exchange rate of MRIO/USDT.

Can you change the fees over time?

We can change our fees structure after some time. If the market conditions are changed or if we will notice a fraud or abuse of that transparency level of service that we provide our customers or third parties we will reconsider our business practices to secure our intellectual property which could require a change in our fees structure.

Do you charge anything for withdrawing money from an account?

It is up to broker or exchange, we do not store your funds.

My fee was lower before a pricing update. Will I keep my previous rate?

In case of pricing update, we will notify all existing customers one month before the update. Unfortunately, you will not be able to stay on previous fee structure in case of an update.

Can you charge more fees than the profit that system generated?

No, the amount of the fee is 25% of the generated profits. For the first 8 months after a Token Sale is no fees at all.