«Our main goal is to constantly increase the accuracy of our predictive engine.
More data we have - more accurately we predict financial markets.»

We decided to change this and help everyone invest better, creating an Artificial Intelligence, which makes investing transparent, easy and controlled. No more incompetent advisors, confusing graphs and insecure feelings. With Mirocana anyone can become a successful investor, and being supported by an AI...

What is Mirocana

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Mirocana Offices

We have two offices in Quebec, Canada and Tallin, Estonia.

opened positions

Data Scientist / ML-engineer


  • Extensive Python experience of 3-5 years.
  • Experience with TensorFlow, Theano, Keras, xgboost, scikit-learn, pandas, numpy.
  • Experience of building reinforcement learning models.

We offer a full-time job opportunity. We can guarantee a great working atmosphere and powerful machine learning tools for your progressive results.


Project Manager for Mirocana Target


  • Experience of prototyping complex logic with many dependencies
  • Experience of managing a team of engineers
  • Fluent verbal and writing English

We offer a full-time job opportunity. We expect to find a person with a strong passion for the crypto world.



Can you guarantee a permanent increase in my assets?

We are unable to guarantee that we will have only profitable months, especially if you select high target return (with higher risks). We are focused on the accuracy of predictions and we are not in hurry, that's why for the first 8 months after a Token Sale we will not charge any commissions or fees for our service. We want to build a long-term and trustful relationships with our customers.

Do you have a beta version of the product?

There's no beta or trial version. You can talk to @MirocanaBot in Telegram and she will open you a virtual account with $10,000 in it. Then she will manage this account using an older version of the system.

How will Mirocana affect the market if your technology becomes available to everyone?

The technology is not available to everybody. The access to out products is restricted by the amount of tokens on customer's account. We limited our products because we have a limited number of investment opportunities that system is able to find.

Will I be able to know what happens with my money when Mirocana manages them?

You will be able to track performance results in your Mirocana account, in your Weekly Performance Report email, and in your broker or exchange account. Unlike, when you use the service from a hedge-fund or individual trader you can see what positions system opens and closes in real-time. That why we call our products transparent.

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